How to split a file using 7zip

You want to know how to split a file using 7zip? Read on to know more.

If you are the owner of a business or an individual who is trying to save money on a large file, you may need to try this tip. It can be difficult to find and download a file, especially if the file is larger than your local hard drive can handle. This is where 7Zip comes in handy.

What Is 7Zip?

7Zip is an open-source and free file archiving program, a tool used to put multiple files in compressed folders called “archives.” It was originally released in 1999 and is developed by Igor Pavlovich.

As the name implies, it is able to create a compressed archive with all the files inside a zipped file. This can be done by decompressing an already-existing file into a compressed form. When you choose this option, you are not only saving time and space but also your hard drive space.However, the program cannot work on files that come in other file types such as PDF, TXT, PPT, DOC, DOCX, TIFF and BMP. So if you want to use the program for creating compressed archives of these types, you need to use another program. If you do not want to download a new program or are not computer literate, you can still use the built-in options of the program. You can use one of the many backup functions in the program, as well as a few other functions.

How To Split?

This type of utility will allow you to split a small file into several different files. You simply right-click the small file and select the option called “split”. Then, you will have several separate files.

If you want to know how to split a small file into a few different files, you may want to download the program from the internet. Most people do not like downloading software when they are not sure of what it is. This is why you will want to make sure that you download the program from a reliable source. Also, make sure that you get the correct version.

It is always a good idea to make sure that you are downloading the correct software. This will allow you to get the most out of your software. You do not want to download an older version. You may end up wasting time and money and also damaging your computer.

When you download the program, it will take you a while to read the instructions on the program. Make sure that you follow the steps carefully. Once you have read the instructions, you should be able to download the program and start splitting files. To make sure that you are downloading the correct program, make sure that you follow the step by step instructions that come with the program. If you don’t follow the directions, you may find yourself wasting your time and even causing damage to your computer.

Now that you have your various files, you may want to upload them to your hard drive. You can then access these files through any file sharing program you use to share files with others. When you are done uploading your file, you can delete the files that you no longer need.

What More You Should Know

There are times when you may want to save a file onto your hard drive. You will still have the option of how to split a file into several files if you want to. If you want, you can delete one file and then re-add it to the other files that you have saved.

Sometimes you may want to copy a file. You can do this by right clicking the file and then choosing the copy option. Then, you will be able to copy the file anywhere else on your hard drive.It is important to make sure that you are using the best program for your needs. You want to find a program that is very reliable. As well as a good program. The program you find will determine how easy or difficult it will be to split a file using 7zip. You can also download 7zip portable by clicking on the link.


Before you begin, you will want to make sure that you have all the necessary tools that are required. to get your program running. You will also want to make sure that you have the correct version of the program that you are going to use.

In Conclusion

Before you start using the program, you will want to make sure that you have installed the correct program. In order to get the program to work, you will need to make sure that you have all the features that are required. in order for the program to work.Make sure that you look over everything that is included in the program before you begin to use the program. Then, you will be able to use the program to split your file.

Disadvantages of using Whatsapp Plus MOD

Haven’t you heard about Whatsapp Plus? WhatsApp Plus is a very popular unofficial application which simply replicates the popular instant messaging service – WhatsApp. The official app has so many unique features but a lot of people still prefer this application due to its simplicity and ability to send and receive multiple messages at once. Before you go on trying out whatsapp plus, it is important to understand what is involved. 

About Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus is only officially available for Android devices. An iOS version does not currently exist. You can download it straight from the Google Play Store but unfortunately this is not officially supported and this means you could end up getting in trouble with the authorities for downloading an illegal app. This is why many people do not use it. Some people use it for work and others use it for private messaging and chatting with friends.

How To Download And Install WhatsApp Plus

The official website of the mobile messaging company has an online download link which can be used by any mobile phone user to download the latest version of the application. This is just like any other download from the site. All one needs is a valid email id and a computer with an internet connection. It may also be possible to download the app on an iPhone but this is not recommended for obvious reasons. Or you can click on whatsapp plus download to get the app.

Some Disadvantages Of Whatsapp Plus

It has been a widely known fact that using the popular social networking site Facebook and other platforms like Whatsapp has been a very successful way for people to keep in touch. However, there are also other ways to communicate besides these two mediums. Now, if you are thinking of joining a platform like this, here are a few disadvantages of using Whatsapp plus.

  1. The first disadvantage is the huge difference in cost when you compare a regular mobile phone with the messaging app that offers it. Yes, the prices are much lower than those of your regular phones, but what else can you do when you want to connect to the Internet? The answer is not much when you try to talk to your friends online because the normal telephones are just not as effective for this purpose. This is why you should always make the decision to go with the latest mobile devices when you are using the internet with them.
  2. Another big advantage of using this communication tool is that you can read your messages in your own pace. This is a great feature that many people who use the app have found very useful especially when they are having long-distance or urgent discussions. Of course, you will get some delays and interruptions when it comes to messages and the like, but at least you won’t get interrupted by someone who wants to get in touch with you.
  3. The other big disadvantage is the lack of security that the service provides. Although it may sound like a very serious thing to talk about, actually, this is a very big problem that we should be concerned about. There are certain services on the market that claim to provide the best security, but it seems that most of them fail to do so. You should be aware of the risks that this kind of site will present for your privacy and personal information.
  4. The fourth disadvantage is that you can never be sure that your friends will really read your messages. This is not good at all, so it is best that you avoid using it if you don’t want to be bothered by it. This is because even though you may be trying to keep in touch with your friends, there is always a chance that they could be pranksters and thieves who may use the system for their own purposes.
  5. The fifth disadvantage is the lack of time that you can use to chat. Most users of this social networking site are very busy with their lives, so if you want to connect with your friends, you have to choose a time when there are no problems or issues to be solved. This is something you cannot really do when you are using traditional methods of communicating. Of course, you can still send messages to them if you want to, but that will only happen when you are free and when you have something to say.

In Conclusion

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be hard for you to solve all your problems and concerns on the spot. With the help of the instant messaging facility that the site provides, you can simply go online, log in and start chatting in minutes. Just make sure that you are using an authentic service and don’t fall for any scams and scam sites out there that promise you the world but offer nothing in return.

How to Change Jiofi Passwords and Username – Quick and Easy Instruction

If you’re one of the many people who’s had a JioFi SIM card in their handset, you will have realized how difficult it is to access your network. The SIM card is locked into the handset and cannot be moved or removed, so if you try to do so, you will find that your phone will not work. Fortunately, there is a very simple way to change JioFi passwords and username on your handset. You might also want to know about find your ip address in jiofi.local.html.

How To Get Started

  1. To change JioFi passwords and username on your handset, you need to make sure that you are connected to a Jio hotspot before you enter any information on how to change jiofi password or the jiofi official page.
  2. Once you have connected to the hotspot, simply follow the instructions that appear on the screen. There’s no need to enter any personal details at all, as all your login details will be kept secure by Jio’s online security. Your Jio phone will then display its own JioFi login details.
  3. As for changing your username and password, you should first make sure that you have your Jio handset connected to a hotspot that supports Jio SIM cards.
  4. Then, select ‘Sign in to your account’ from the main menu of your Jio phone. This will display a screen containing a list of available username and password choices.
  5. The username and password required to login to the Jio website are the ones displayed at the bottom-right of the page.
  6. Once you have chosen a username and password, you should be able to log in to the Jio website using this password. At this point, you will be prompted to enter your email address and mobile number. Enter your password again and you’ll see the following message: “Your password and username are correct, but you forgot the mobile number.” Click on the button displayed at this point to enter the number and click the ‘Email this Mobile Number’ option.
    Your email address will now be displayed in your phone. You can now enter the mobile number and click on the ‘Reset password’ button displayed on the homepage. This will result in a new password being emailed to you, which you can then enter into your Jio handset’s SMS or MMS inbox to reset your Jio handset password.
  7. How to change JioFAST passwords and username can also be done by using a third party service provider that offers SIM unlocking services. By using these services, you will be able to get access to your network and login without any hassle.

It’s important to ensure that the service you select offers a money back guarantee. before you hand over any personal information or bank account details.


Mystic Messenger,An Instant Game – EMAIL GUIDE LINK

Mystic Messenger is one of those games that every single person can enjoy. This game is really easy to play and does not require much in terms of skills. If you are looking for a fun time with your friends, then this game will be a great experience for you.

What Is This Game About

The game is about a young boy who wants to be a magician. One day he gets involved in a mysterious game and accidentally gets himself trapped in a game. His task is to get back to the game’s main stage and solve the puzzle or find the key that will open the exit door and save the girl. Mystic Messenger has so much content and it’s easy to find something interesting to do, which will keep you busy for hours. You can click on mystic messenger email guide for guide.

The first thing that you should know about this game is that the story is so interesting and it doesn’t end just after the first level. The game has lots of levels to play through. In fact, the game is so popular that there are now a lot of online communities who are playing it. You can actually share information with others, make new friends and interact with each other. This is a lot of fun and also a great way to relax while you wait for another episode to come out.

How To Download

Now that you already know what you are going to find inside Mystic Messenger, you can actually download the game from the site that I mentioned above. This is really easy and fast. You just need to have an internet connection and you can start downloading right away. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of things you can do while you wait for the download to finish. Here are some tips:

If you want to know more about Mystic Messenger, you should visit the official website that this game was made by. There you can find all the information that you want. There are also many video guides that you can follow along with. You can read the whole story or just watch as the characters move around the screen and help them get through the puzzles. There are also a lot of forums and blogs where you can interact with other players about this game. You can also check out


Email Guide for Mystic Messenger is definitely something that every player would love to have. The game is free and it’s simple to play. You don’t even have to have a lot of skills to play it. It’s perfect for anyone who likes having a lot of fun. Try this one today!


How to Get Free Hourglasses in Mystic Messenger

how to get hourglass in mystic messenger

Hourglasses (abbreviated as HG) are considered the in-game currency of Mystic Messenger the player can acquire either for free in-game or via in-game buying. While they’re not crucial to progress, since you can go through the Casual Story perfectly fine without them, they can be quite helpful.

However, they’re essential to unlock the Deep Story where you can play with Jumin Han, Another Story, After Endings of those characters, and more extra content. Prices for hourglasses will vary from country to country depending on the nation’s exchange rate with South Korea.

And as you all know, the requirements you’d need to everything started to get higher and higher. It’s beginning to become hard to get hourglasses especially. But there are a number of ways to mill for HGs, you simply need a bit more patience.

And don’t ever try those hacks and cheats. You do not want to get banned indefinitely.

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How to Get Hourglass in Mystic Messenger


Well, there is nothing wrong with it and it’s sure to get us a bit more HGs most of us are lol lol. So let’s forget about this way and attempt to support Cheritz in another way hahaha. Let us just leave this on the rich.

#2: 100 HEARTS TO 1 HG

Everybody knows this one, I’m sure.


I know the probability of getting HG is low. But it doesn’t hurt to try. You could log in anytime you want to. In least, in case you did not make an HG, you might still earn up to 200 hearts that you could convert to HG on. It’s a win-win situation.


Inviting party guests provide you an hourglass each. Although, it’s only available after.


This DLC is generous with hearts and hourglasses. You would still have the ability to get at least 3 HG even if you miss the talks on Christmas Eve. In case you have a maximum speed, you can load the DLC around through the chats all at night and maximum speed, and have significantly more HGs than ever!

And through the first day, do not miss the 19:00 conversation”Can’t rest on Christmas”. I got 6 HG and some folks allegedly got 8.

And yeah, you need to focus on Zen.


I saw that somebody was able to farm 4 HG from prologue just but I only know of three. One was automatic, another was through choosing”I just wanted to talk with pretty boys”, and last was”What do I get if I join?”

But please do mind these HGs only appear if you choose the option”(Pause for a moment)” during your encounter with Unknown.

If you know what the other one is, please do tell me.


Because Cheritz is generous like that.

Free hourglasses everybody!

About that I could think of as of now, well, that’s . I’ll be back someday.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mystic-Messenger?
Mystic Messenger is a romantic storytelling messenger game a mobile-based Otome video game manufactured by Cheritz, from South Korea, also it is female-oriented. It is available in Korea, English, and Spanish.

How does Mystic Messenger work?
The game takes over 12 days; with various characters, you respond to distinct messages through nowadays. The first four days are exactly the same, however, the game divides with each path into several avenues. On the fifth day, each path leads to several endings, which can be; Bad end (a fail), a regular end, and also a good end.

The first days of this game are enjoyable as you reply to messages on your mobile phone. On the flip side, ignore the ones you can’t answer. With what comes out of the match, you roll. However, make certain to make sure you catch their attention daily five and concentrate on a character that interests you. You finish with a bad ending if you fail to attain this, then sadly.

How to Play Mystic-Messenger
The sport has personalities: Zen Jaehee 707, and V. Deep narrative and Another narrative lock up, when you start the match. You will initially play Zen Yoosungand eventually Jaehee switch to deep story before you can participate 707, which guides you through the love story.

In Conclusion

I hope you can earn and get hourglasses now for free. If you are also a fan of Mystic Messenger, come and play with us! Thanks for visiting our site.

How To Open FRITZBox Setup Page (Step-by-step Guide)

Fritz!box, stylized as FRITZ!box, is a sequence of residential gateway gadgets produced by the German organization AVM GmbH. The series was estimated to have a market share of 68% of the digital subscriber line (DSL) consumer equipment in Germany last 2010.

How To Open FRITZBox Setup Page
Do you want to know more about Fritz!box? Visit our official website now – Highstreet Station Cafe.

Before we get started, I would like to share to you something about routers, modems and why you need FRITZ!box.

Majority of people who use a modem also uses a router, so why not combine the two and make a router that also comes with a modem? It cuts down the unnecessary cable problems and only requires one power source making it more convenient for everyone.

Then next came was broadband modems. These ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) made better use of the phone lines, thus providing a big increase in speed. Most broadband routers, such as the FRITZ!Box 7590 and FRITZ!Box 7530, are ADSL routers.

There’s also LTE (Long-Term Evolution), it is used to connect to the Internet using mobile phone data connectivity through 3G, 4G and (coming soon) 5G. You can also buy a router that uses the mobile phone networks to go online, such as the FRITZ!Box 6890 LTE.

Opening The FRITZ!Box Setup Page

Okay let’s get started so you can setup your FRITZ!box:

Remember You can open the FRITZ!Box setup page on all computers, smartphones, or tablets connected to the FRITZ!Box.
1. First open a browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox.
2. Enter the address on the search bar.
3. Enter the FRITZ!Box password and you’re all done.
4. Now you can configure all of the FRITZ!Box functions and view all the information about the product, your access, and connections in the setup page.


  • You can also enter or the IP address of the FRITZ!Box ( in the factory settings) to open the setup page. In addition, you can always use the emergency IP to access the FRITZ!Box.
  • It is not possible to call up the user interface via the guest access.
  • Always enter the complete address If you enter the address without the “http://”, for example, the web browser may start a web search instead of opening the user interface.
  • if you connected two FRITZ!Boxes with each other, you can use the Mesh overview of the first FRITZ!Box to easily open the setup page of the second FRITZ!Box.

Something You Need To Know About Setting Up Passwords:

A modern supercomputer can crack simple passwords in a matter of seconds, for example, “123456” or “password.” In many cases, weak passwords represent a potential security risk. So always make sure when you’re creating a password you should always be creative and mix letters, numbers and special characters.

In case that one of your passwords gets hacked, you should not use a password on multiple websites or accounts, you need to create separate passwords for each account.


We hope our guide was able to help you in any way. If not please leave us a comment bellow or contact our team.